Cesar Merveille


Six years on now from his musical debut, Cesar Merveille is one hot nu  kid on the electronic block. Armed with a spotless track record and no  other name than “wonder”, he is out to win us over both as producer and  behind the decks. Paris and London have been his playground so far, with the global  dancefloor next. Cesar first caught the electronic virus in Paris where  he made a key encounter with Thomas Kean, one of the folks behind Circus  Company record. But it’s upon arriving to London in 2003 that his  career as a producer really took off. Under the influence of his jazz  roots, of labels like Perlon or Circus and key figures such as Matthew  Herbert and Ricardo Villalobos, Cesar soon delivered his first track,  ”Transit”, released on Circus Company. Moving on naturally from making records to spinning them, it wasn’t long  until he could be found crafting subtle his constructions behind the  decks. A passionate DJ playing a heady blend of minimal house and techno  with jazzy overtones, Cesar Merveille has quickly made a name for  himself on the London scene. Hot on the heels of the sexy upbeat sets he  delivered at his first residency in Café 1001, and later at T-Bar,  Cesar soon got the chance to play in some of the hottest London clubs  (Fabric, the Key, Canvas), but also in Ibiza (Space), Detroit (Works)  and on the continent, Berlin (Watergate, Week end Club, Bar 25, Club Der  Visionaere), and Italy, France, Netherlands, Ireland. This trend was  confirmed in 2008 and 2009 by a myriad of releases – Have U Ever Dance  With Daddy on Serialism Records (2007), Tzatziki on Multivitamins, Loop  for Friends – Safari Electronique 2007,and his EP on Safari featuring  remixes by Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, and Miss Fitz. But it was “Chocopop Jazz” (on Remake Music) which catapulted Cesar into  the limelight and brought him recognition from his peers and numerous  DJs in the world. With massive support from Luciano who admittedly was  listening to the track on loop in his car ( ! ) and count Rhadoo, Sebbo,  Pedro, and Rareshin who featured it in their sets. A quick sell-out,  the Chocopop Jazz EP has earned Cesar a firm place on the electronic map  and placed him at the forefront of a kind of electronic music that says  yes to just what it likes. Bring it on boy! As for 2009, it sounds pretty hot for Cesar with plus numerous  collaborations including Ryan Crosson Pablo Cahn Speyer and Lee Curtiss.